I hope you got a chance to check out some of my writing. I've written reviews, features, and interviews with rappers. But I decided to spare you every single piece of writing for now. Besides, I'm always learning and growing as a writer and frankly some pieces I'd rather leave in the past. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my "other" writing. You know the kind that business people like you could probably care less about (or so they tell me). But I'm not here to share my favorite poems because I think you're in the mood for haiku (although I'm totally down to whip one up for your home page ;)

Queen Forever Sales Page

If anyone deserves to be treated like a star, it’s you. You spend all day worrying about others, cleaning up messes (literally and figuratively) and taking care of everyone else. But what about you? When was the last time you were not only pampered but able to capture the day with a celebrity style shoot? If you’re like most women, then the answer is never. That’s why we’ve created this experience with you in mind. We’ve designed this to be more than just your average photo shoot. We know

Web Content for Writing Feedback Service (Downloadable PDF)

You know that writing is pretty much a solo gig, but pros don’t go at it alone. At some point you want to know what others think. That’s where we come in. We call ourselves BOOMers, because we think it sounds a bit cooler than "critiquers" (hey, we never claimed to be cool). For the most part, we’re just like you. We read, we write, we eat, sleep and repeat. What really excites us is reading your work and helping you to make it the best it can be. We came up with BOOM Critique after hearing so many writers complain about the time it takes to hear back from well-intentioned family and friends (who probably didn’t want to read your work in the first place) or snail-paced critique groups.

How learning a new language makes me feel exposed (Medium post)

Sometimes I’m tempted to lie to my Spanish tutors. But I don’t like lying, not even in another language. And no, I’m not talking about when they ask if I did my deberes (homework). I know they could care less about my answer, and I probably shouldn’t either. I’m here to improve my Spanish, not have a counseling session. So I just answer, whatever they ask, as best I can in my little “Spanglish” mash up. I’m a native English speaker from the U.S. and I have two Spanish tutors (for less than