I created this page to let you know that I am a well-rounded writer.

And that should matter to you because you want someone who not only has written in various industries (even if you only want me to write about the latest health craze). But also someone who can match the voice you need to get your message across.

I've learned a great deal about connecting with people by writing fiction, creative non-fiction and yes even poetry. Don't worry, I'm not breaking out my latest haiku here ;).

But there's a reason why one of the latest buzzwords in marketing is storytelling.

And I love creating stories, whether it's a fantastical tale about flying humans (yes I have one of those) or humanizing your brand to consumers.

The craft of storytelling ultimately helps me write better content.

I'm also sharing my "other" writing because I'm a "scrappy" creator.

Don't get me wrong. I believe in delivering quality work every time.

But I've also learned video editing, layout, publishing, formatting and E-Book cover design (though I'm certainly no Chip Kidd) because I had to. I didn't give up on the projects I wanted to do because I couldn't find the right (or reliable) contractor or I because I didn't have the budget at the time.

As a business owner, I'm sure you can relate.

We make it happen. We problem solve. We're resourceful...or as I like to say, "scrappy".

With that said, I would like to offer some à la carte services that can help to make your blog or business not only sound better but really look the part.

So besides providing BLOG posts, well-researched ARTICLES, PRESS RELEASES, and WEB CONTENT, I can also CREATE YOUR E-BOOK (from conception to completion), FORMAT your book or booklet, and create simple yet functional E-BOOK COVERS and provide basic VIDEO/AUDIO EDITING and GRAPHIC DESIGN.

To see samples of eBooks, graphics and videos I've created, drop me a line at candacehabte@gmail.com.